Growth by Jasmine “BabyJ” Newton

I love growth. Growth is what makes you stronger and wiser every day. Especially when you allow it to happen. When you allow it in. I don’t mean that easy kind of growth either. I mean that hard, in tears, painful to go through growth. I have gone through this type of growth for a while and it has gotten to the point where I welcome it. I have seen what it does. I have seen what it turns me into, how it works its way inside and changes me for the better. The hard part it… I don’t like change. I automatically push against it because of fear. Fear of losing my comfort zone. When you go through a good stage of growth… it forces you to move outside your comfort zone. It forces you to have no choice but to get comfortable outside that comfort zone you were once used to. Growth used to be my enemy… now I see it as an old friend. A friend that is visiting because I am due for another “come to Jesus” meeting. I am due for another “talking to”.img_5016p

When you decide that you want to change your life, whether it’s being a better person, starting a business, getting married, becoming more successful, etc… you will have to be ready for what you asked for. When you have REALLY made that decision and told the universe and God what you want… get ready to be tested and molded into what you need to become in order to get there. A lot of us aren’t usually ready for the shock of it all… the pain… the demand that is put upon us when we want something. We think we can just ask… and get it. It doesn’t always work that way. It takes work, pain, demands, sacrifice… GROWTH. However, through the darkness there is always light that comes in due time and chases it away. Once you have worked, put enough effort, time, sacrificed and GROWN…. You usually reach your goal. It is part of becoming better. It is a preparation to your greatness.

Now when I see pain… trials… sacrifice… I welcome it all because I recognize what it’s about. My growth. If I am given the chance…. The challenge to grow… it means the universe and God said yes to my request but not without a cost. You just have to decide if the cost is too great or if your goal is worth it. You have to make that decision every day to reach for your greatness and GROW into it with joy. Joy that you are on your way. Never look at it in dismay. WELCOME it. Welcome it with open arms and embrace the lesson it will teach you. Embrace the stage will be leveling up to. Lean in to the pain and face it head on. Before you know it, your goal is reached. And that will be glorious.


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